The Hekiss Prisoner of War Camp was ran by the Cardassian Union, and with Dominion oversite from late 2371 to mid 2374 on the planet Hekiss.

The camp's initial inmates were thirty-four Tal Shiar and Romulan Star Navy personnel left behind in Cardassian space after the joint Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar armada failed to destory the Founder's homeworld.  Smugglers and other prisoners were added to the prisoner population shorthly thereafter.

They were shortly joined the next year by Klingons captured during their Empire's invasion of Cardassian space.

The Vorta Br'enn and a group of Jem'Hadar were assigned to the camp shortly after the Battle of Torros III.  They added Seff O'Rourke and Janet Picard to the incarcerated population.

After the decimation of the Seventh Fleet in the Tyra System, over a three hundred Starfleet personnel from the destroyed vessels were brought to the camp, including Gedna Tachion, the highest ranking Starfleet Officer to be taken prisoner during the Dominion War.

Commander Stacey Decker and eight of her crew from the USS Rapier were added to the population after the fall of Starbase 341.

At some point Br'enn began running genetic experiments on the inmates, namely Seff O'Rourke.

Like in many other Dominion POW Camps, prisoners were forced to fight the resident Jem'Hadar guards.

On stardate ####.# the USS Starquest and USS Lonestar spearheaded a mission to liberate the camp.  At the time its population included of 183 Humans, 34 Romulans, 1 Vulcanoid/Human hybrid, 21 Gorn, 82 Klingons, 9 Bolians, 17 Vulcans, 13 Naussicans, 4 Biions, 7 Feregni, 18 Bajorans  ("Familiar Faces")

Those rescued were taken to the USS St Francis for recovery treatement.

Notable PrisonersEdit

Gedna Tachion * Mary DeSoto * Nekrot * Sela * Seff O'Rourke * Janet Picard * Stacey Decker *

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