Huraga was a Klingon warrior and by the 24th century, a Great House named for him.

He served in the Klingon Defense Force for over five decades, and commanded several starships, at least two of which were battlecruisers.

He married the daughter of a Bekk, which caused quite a scandal, but he could have cared less.  He loved her, and society's opinions be damned.  At least seven Klingons of high noble birth's deaths could be directly attributed to their opinions about his marriage.

The two had a single child, a son named Nekrot.  Service to the Empire kept him away during most of his son's childhood, so he relied on his father-in-law to teach him the way of the warrior.  He would go on to become a legendary warrior and close friend of future Chancellor Martok.

Upon his death, his son took over the House and named it for him.

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