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IKS Nay'par

The IKS Nay'par was a B'rel class Bird of Prey serving in the Klingon Defense Force in the 24th century.

In 2376 it was assigned to as the Klingon Empire's military liason's vessel at Deep Space Nine, under la' Fenirilka.  It transported Ambassador Worf to the station that year.  ("Gatekeeper")

Crew (2376)Edit

la' Fenrilka - Commanding Officer

Sogh'la' K'mpor - Executive Officer Sogh'la' Vinak - Second Officer

Sogh Kwargh - Operations Officer

Sogh Klollax - Security Officer

Sogh L'yota - Weapons Officer

lagh Chopol - Medical Officer

Sogh Hohk - Chief Engineer

Bekk K'yoror

Bekk Lerak

Bekk Ch'doyr

Bekk Wum

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