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The IRW D'vairin was a Nelvek class heavy cruiser serving in the Romulan Star Navy during the second half of the 24th century.

In the early 2370s, the ship had been outfitted with the latest generation of Romulan cloaking device and was assigned to patrol the Neutral Zone.

Prior to 2371, the vessel had an encounter the USS Himori where shots were fired.

On stardate 48531 it crossed the Neutral Zone, responding to the distress call of the IRW Sha'arik.  When it arrived on the scene in Federation space it encountered the USS Lionheart, whose crew was exploring the vessel.  While initial ("Marie Celestial")

("Blinded by Science")

Crew (2371)[]

Modex -Commanding Officer

Galtus - Executive Officer

Jildon - Chief Physician

Polle -

Relai - 

Vulcab -