Iyram Ragha was a Bajoran freedom fighter that later served in the Bajoran Militia as well as serving as the first command of the reformed Bajoran Space Guard.

He worked with Meridian Janos on several missions during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor.

In 2369, when Bajor gained its independence, he oversaw Militia operations outside his home system, and constantly complained about how limited his resources were.  As such, he was rarely on the homeworld.

In 2374, after Operation Return, the Bajoran government realized it could no longer stay neutral in the Dominion War.  It also concluded that the Bajoran Militia was inadequate to project force outside the Bajoran System.  It unanimously ratified reforming the pre-Occupation Bajoran Space Guard and chose General Ragha as its commander.

He was elated at his troops' role in capturing Geltrik Nor, and visited the station as soon as he could, believing this demonstrated the Space Guard's burgeoning capabilities.

In 2377 he promoted Koyo Behrin to Major and assigned him to the USS Oglala as Second Officer and commander of the Space Guard's detachment aboard the vessel.  He attended the cruiser's commissioning in orbit of Bajor that November.  ("Oglala")

He visited Meridian shortly after the Oglala's commissioning and offered him command of the former USS Tripoli, or any Colonel post in the Space Guard, but was turned down.

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