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Jacob Stone was a Human Starfleet officer serving during the 24th century.

He was born on Earth in 2305.

He had two sons, Nikolas and Spencer Stone, with his Vulcan wife T'nela.

He served as Executive Officer of the USS Pompey until the ship was decommissioned in 2346, and transferred to the Starfleet Reserve along with it, taking it to Vulcan as its commanding officer.

In 2353 he adopted his best friends' daughter, Susanne Flame after he and his wife were killed during Tholian attacks.

When the Dominion War broke out he returned to active duty, along with the Pompey, both serving in the Fifth Fleet.

In 2375 he was promoted to Captain, but turned down command of the USS Tarantula, citing he knew the Pompey and the Vulcan Sector too well to assume command of a ship built twenty years after he left active duty.