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Mira Sorvino as Kaatmi Sovi

Kaatmi Sovi was a Bajoran Resistance fighter and later a high ranking military officer.

During the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, she was a member of the Bajoran Resistance.  Meridian Janos worked with her several times.

By the time the Dominion War broke out she was a General in the Bajoran Militia.

Shortly after Operation Return Kaatmi was charged with assigning Bajoran military personnel to aid Starfleet shortages.

When the Bajoran Space Guard was reformed, she was promoted to Commander of the Bajoran Defense Forces.

After the war, she pushed for the plan to relinquish ownership of Deep Space Nine in exchange for several concessions and aid packets, including at least two starships.  She and Nikolas Stone enjoyed a good working relationship, as both felt politicians and diplomas got in the way in order to further their own careers.

She attended the commissioning ceremony of the USS Oglala, and had been instrumental in having a member of the Bajoran Space Guard as Second Officer and the compliment assigned to the deep space exploratory cruiser.  ("Oglala")

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