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Shoshannah Stern as Kara Evans

Kara Evans was a Starfleet Navigation Officer and the USS Lionheart's first Assistant Navigation Officer.

Early Life[]

Evans was born July 3, 2348, in Walnut Creek, California. Her father Ron worked as a material engineer at the San Fransisco Fleet Yards.

Even in an age of modern medicine she was born deaf and did not receive cybernetic hearing implants until the age of 13. In an effort to counteract vertigo they initially caused, her family enrolled her in a youth shuttle piloting program.

She also learned Klingonese in her youth and is an expert at reading lips.

Starfleet Academy[]

At 18 she enrolled in Starfleet Academy and impressed instructors at the Saturn Flight Range during her sophomore year. They convinced her to switch majors from Material Engineering to Navigation.

During her third year at the Academy, she served her cadet cruise aboard the USS Altai while the frigate was assigned convoy duty along the Klingon border.  They were attacked by Naussican pirates who used a weapon to disable the ship's sensors.  She aided the Chief Engineer in using a shuttle to aid the Altai with targeting data.

Starfleet Officer[]

After graduating Starfleet Academy in 2369 she was assigned to Starbase 315 as a shuttle pilot.

While piloting a shuttlepod transporting Captains Tachion and Riley from Starbase 315 to the New London Fleet Yards, she impressed the former enough that he requested her transfer to his new command.

She was at the Lionheart's Conn during the Battle of Psellus.

In early 2372 she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Later that year, along with several Lionheart crew members she transferred, to the USS Starquest.

By 2374 she was a Lieutenant and the Starquest's Navigation Officer.

She piloted the first shuttle into the Dominion Prisoner of War Camp holding Tachion and O'Rourke. ("Familiar Faces")

As of 2385 she held the rank of Commander and was Executive Officer of Starbase 315.

LUG Trek Stats (2371)[]


Administration 2

Logistics 4

Athletics 1

Gymnastics 3

Computer 1

Research 2

Culture 2

Human 4
Klingon 3

Dodge 1

Energy Weapon 1

Phaser 2

History 1

Federation 2
Human 2


Shipping Lanes 2


Federation Standard 3
Klingonese 2
Lip Reading 3 
Sign Language 5

Law 1

Starfleet 2

Material Engineering 1

Spaceframe 3

Personal Equipment 1

Environmental Suit 2
Thruster Suit 3

Physical Sciences 1

Physics 2

Shipboard Systems 2

Flight Control 4
Sensors 3

Space Sciences 1

Astrogation 3

Systems Engineering 1

Environmental 2
Sensors 2

Unarmed Combat 1

Starfleet Martial Arts 2

Vehicle Operations 2

Shuttlecraft 5

World Knowledge 1

Earth 2


Medical Problem (Deaf) -2

Zero-G Training +2