The Keltic Confederation Militia, sometimes known as the Keltic MIlitia or simply the Militia, was the military arm of the Keltic Confederation.

In 2352 eighteen decommissioned vessels were transferred from Starfleet, including the USS Cyane.

In 2373, when the Dominion War broke out, five Scath class hunter/killers were placed along the Neutral Zone as part of a previous technological exchange with Starfleet.


Prospective officers attended the Keltic Militia Academy for three years

The first year was mainly planet technical training and small craft piloting.

Midshipman Second Class participated in a six month shipboard tour under the direction of the Command Master Chief.

During their final year mishipman did a second ship tour, this time four months with a vessel's Executive Officers.


Grand Admiral

Fleet Admiral





Lieutenant Commander


Lieutenant Junior Grade

Ensign/Flight Officer

Midshipman First Class

Midshipman Second Class

Midshipman Third Class

Vessel TypesEdit

Scath class * Goliath class * Raptor class

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