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Elzabeth Henstridge as Kelva

Kelva was a Vulcan Starfleet Officer serving during the 24th century.

She was born in 2347.

By 2373 he held the rank of Lieutenant and was XO and Navigation Officer of the USS Sohar.

She met Nikolas Stone when he inspected the ship prior to the Starfleet-KDF raid on the Torros III Shipyards at the start of the Dominion War.  ("Declaration")

Shortly after the raid she piloted a runabout when a task force evacuated Starbase 341.  ("A Starbase Too Far")

She was later assigned to the USS Sohar as Executive Officer.


Operation Return

When the Sohar 's commander was killed during Operation Return she assumed command, despite a broken arm and head wound.  She received the Starfleet Medal of Honor for her actions and command of the escort.
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