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Shannyn Sossamon as Kimberly Chilton

Kimberly Chilton was a Human serving in Starfleet in the second half of the 24th century. Born in 2349 on the Federation colony of Sinbad IV

Starfleet Academy[]

The destroyer Jefferson transported her to Earth in 2367 to attend Starfleet Academy in and she quickly became friends with fellow squadmate Mala CorwinSpencer Stone was also a member of the same squad.

In her second year, she attended a Starship Tactics course taught by Commander Gedna Tachion, impressing the seasoned officer enough he would later select her as Defensive Technologies Officer aboard the USS Lionheart after graduation.  ("New Orders")

In 2369 she and the rest of her squad other members attended the infamous jungle survival course taught by Hans Zakarian.  ("Survival Test")

Starfleet Officer[]

USS Lionheart[]

While traveling to Starbase 315 aboard the USS Galaxy she began spending time with one of the ship's Navigation Officers, Lieutenant Junior GradeMichael Garrett, who was also transferring to the Lionheart.  On stardate 48504.2 she helped prepare a Tarellian vessel for battle with an Alcoyn armada.  ("Homecoming")

After the Lionheart was relieved by the USS Mandela, she requested and was granted permission to join Stefan Bartok's team remaining behind to continue exploring Minosian technology.  ("Return to the Arsenal")

Later Career[]

After five months the team took their findings to Starbase 324 for further research.

By late 2373 she was part of a division working on a new shielding technology to resist polaron weapons.

While testing a prototype shield system on a type-7 shuttlecraft the Bolian pirate Pol hijacked the shuttle and kidnapped its crew.  She was later rescued by former shipmates from the Lionheart.  ("Risan Holiday")

By 2378 she held the rank of Lieutenant Commander and served as Chief of Security aboard the USS Takao.