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Kolp was a Tellarite an enlisted Engineer's Mate that served in Starfleet for the majority of the 24th century.

Early Life[]

His father owned three shuttlecraft maintenance bays on Tellar's famed Space Elevator, where Kolp and his older brother Lev spent most of their childhood.

At sixteen his parents allowed the brothers to travel to Vulcan, Andor, and Earth as stewards aboard a family friend's starliner.  Lev stayed aboard as a crew member and Kolp joined Starfleet the next year.

USS Vigilant[]

He transferred from the Ambassador to the Vigilant as Maintenance Officer at Gedna Tachion request in 2364.

After the investigations were concluded, Kolp transferred toEarth Recruit Training Command as a recruit division commander, serving there until Tachion offered him a billet aboard the USS Lionheart.

USS Lionheart[]

Kolp came aboard the Lionheart as Command Senior Chief and Maintenance Officer during the last month of its construction at the New London Fleet Yards.

In early 2372 he decided to retire.  While the Lionheart was enroute to Vulcan to begin a five-stop publicity tour of the Federation's founding worlds, he met with Tellar's Federation Councilor, who had come aboard.  Councilor Gleer attempted to convince him to stay aboard until the ship arrived at Tellar.  Kolp declined, stating that he'd made it this far in his career without being anyone's pawn, and he wouldn't start now.  ("Ponn Farr")

Dominion War[]

When war broke out with the Dominion Kolp returned to uniform overseeing engineering crews refitting and repairing vessels at the Cosmodrome.  He worked with Chief Sergey Rozenkho, a warp field specialist who had returned to uniform as well.

When Tachion was given command of the USS Camelot, Kolp agreed to come aboard as Command Master Chief.

On stardate 51905.4, he went aboard the recently found USS Potemkin to assess the damage and prepare the aged Constitution class starship to leave the Styx Rift.  (Perdition's Flames")

At the end of the war, he retired once again.