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The Leprechaun's Lady​ was a Keltic flagged freighter

Like all Kelt owned vessels she could be activiated into Milita service at need.

At some point she was used a smuggling vesel by the Ferengi.

In 2340 Egan Murdock won the vessel from a Ferengi fueling station owner in orbit of Ferenginar in a game of tongo, as well as fifteen strips of latinum and his daughter Pedara.  The Kelt managed to single handedly get the ship to Keltic space and recruited a crew.  During the trip Pedara proved invaluable in finding hidden assets and using Murdock's meager savings to get a first cargo.

While leaving New Ireland in 2362 the ship picked up an escape pod containing Seff O'Rourke.

​Auxillary Craft[]

Warp Shuttle

Rubber Ducky


Egan Murdock - Ship's Captain

Pedara - Ship's Quartermaster

Krez - Ship's Weapons Officer

Mald - Ship's Master at Arms

Trent Carver - Junior Engineer

Seff O'Rourke - Junior Helmsman