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Harold Perrineau as Matthew Franklin

Matthew Franklin was an enlisted Human Transporter Technician serving in Starfleet during the 24th century. Franklin was born August 7, 2341, in Brooklyn, New York on Earth. He grew up playing bass guitar and attended one year at Shenandoah University studying general arts before dropping out to try to start a band.

He enlisted in Starfleet in May of2360 as a Transporter Technician.

After finishing transporter technician training and a Life Science course, he was assigned to the USS Rhea while the vessel was undergoing a two-year refit.  In 2363 the vessel began terraforming Giffol III.

He was serving aboard the USS Vasidrun during the Battle of Wolf 359.

By 2370 he was serving as a transporter operator aboard Spacedock. He was on duty late one night when Gedna Tachion beamed aboard to take a look at the USS Mowe.  Tachion came back the next day and offered him a billet aboard his new command, the USS Lionheart. ("New Orders")

During the Battle of Psellus, he beamed a security team led by Sarah Roberts into the Psellian Council Chambers when the ship reached orbit of Psellus III.  ("Armistice Part II")

In October of 2372, he was slated to take his Chief Petty Officer exam and was promoted three months later.

He beamed Nikolas Stone,David Mitchell, and Seff O'Rourke onboard the Lionheart prior to the raid on Torros III.  He then shut the transporter room down and joined the escort's damage control team in preparation for the battle.  ("Declaration")

LUG Trek Stats (2371)[]


Fitness 3

Strength +1


Reaction +1

Intellect 3

Presence 2

Willpower +1
Psi 0


Engineering Aptitude +3

Innovative +2

Promotion (Chief Petty Officer) +3


Artistic Expression 1

Bass Guitar 3

Athletics 2

General Fitness 3

Culture 2

Human 3

Dodge 1

Energy Weapon 1

Phaser 2

Engineering 1

Environmental Systems 3
Transporter Systems 5

History 1

Human 2


Federation Standard 2

Law 1

Intergalactic 2
Starfleet 3

Life Science 1

Zoology 2

Personal Equipment 1

Tricorder 3

Planetary Science 1

Planetology 3

Propulsion Engineering 1

Impulse 2

Shipboard Systems 1

Damage Control 4
Sensors 2
Transporter 5

World Knowledge 1

Earth 2
Giffol III 2