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Mediterranean class under fire

The Mediterranean class was a type of destroyer serving in Starfleet from 2349 through the end of the 24th century.

It was named for the Mediterranean Sea on Earth.  Many of the vessels of the class were named for seas on Federation worlds.

The class was a combined effort between Starfleet and Keth Rimosi, an Andorian clan noted for its work with electronics, notably computers.  The proposal called for it to be able to perform diplomatic, exploration, defense and support missions.

The prototype vessel began space trial in late 2346, out of Starbase 7.

The class was in full production by early 2349, with the USS Progress being the second vessel.  It quickly became a favorite among Starfleet, and many young ship commanders first sat in its center seat.  Over 75 vessels were constructed.

Starbase 7 and Utopia Planitia were the major construction facilities for the class.

The ships carried a small crew of 115, with room for 85 passengers, though it could hold 2200 beings in an emergency.

It could reach speeds of up warp 9.2 for 15 hours.

Four shuttlecraft and two shuttlepods, along with a captain's yacht, were the typical auxiliary craft carried.

Standard armaments by 2374 were six type X phaser arrays and type II photon torpedoes, with two launchers both fore and aft.  The Aegean and Carstairs vessels were modified to fire quantum torpedoes.

An Aegean Development Project to upgrade the class was planned for 2375, but after the Borg incursions of the 60s and 70s, the new technology was instead used to create the Aegean class heavy frigates  Planned upgrades were new medical facilities with an EMH, pulse phaser cannons and a reduction in cargo capacity to allow room for more equipment.

Known Vessels[]

USS Mediterranean

USS Wyoming

USS Lalo

USS Progress

USS Thracian

USS Bellingshausen

USS Pechorn

USS Bohai

USS Visayan

USS Sulu

USS Norwegian

USS Bardeen

USS Orella

USS Linz

USS Kitana

USS Baltic

USS Capsian

USS Aegean

USS Bering

USS Arabian

USS Orkan

USS Hippolyle

USS Adriatic

USS Bedwara

USS Covila

USS Voshev

USS Indar

USS Thalestis

USS Thaxan

USS Deuagarilla

USS Voroth

USS Thanar

USS Carstairs

USS Tasman

USS Ionian