Garrett in civilian clothes

Michael Garrett was a Starfleet Navigation Officer serving during the 24th century.

Born in 2348 to a Starfleet Command Officer, Ronald Garrett and his wife Kari, in San Fransisco, Earth. The Garretts had a long history of serving in Starfleet, back to when it was the Earth Starfleet ion the 22nd century.

Starfleet Academy

In 2364 he enrolled in Starfleet Academy at the age of sixteen, due to high test scores and his family's influence. He was assigned to Rho Squad along with what would become life long frineds and future shipmates Graw Arkan and Jason Meadows. The latter had difficulty in piloting shuttlecraft, and on weekend passes he would take Meadows out in his family's shuttle for extra training.

In 2366 he completed his cadet cruise aboard the USS Malawi.

He piloted an unarmedStarfleet Academy Trainer during the Borg attack in2367, running its sensors at full strength to gather information on their vessel.

Starfleet Officer

USS Galaxy

After the Academy he was assigned to the USS Galaxy as a Flight Controller.

While enroute to his enw command, Garrett participated in a scientific mission using the Galaxy's Captain's Yacht.

USS Lionheart

In 2371 he transferred to his godfather's vessel, the USS Lionheart as Navigation Officer.

During the Lionheart's shakedown cruise he landed the shuttle Yellowjacket on Balin IV and was a member of the away team investigating the mining colony there. ("Shakedown Cruise")



Ronald Garrett

His father was Captain Ronald Garrett, a Starfleet Comamnd Officer and commander of the USS Valley Forge by 2371.

Kari Garrett

His mother enjoyed her life as a stay at home mother and socialite Starfleet wife during his childhood.

Miranda Garrett

His father's sister was a Starfleet Science Officer and married his father's best friend, Gedna Tachion.  She was killed while serving as the USS Melbourne's XO during the Battle of Wolf 359.

Gedna Tachion

His father's best friend was made his godfather upon his birth, and called Uncle Ged before he married his aunt. When Tachion recieved command of the Lionheart he requested Garrett as his Navigation Officer.


Graw Arkan

Jason Meadows


Kimberly Chilton

At the time of his death the pair had only been on one date, but she had confessed to Mala Corwin that she could see it getting serious.

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