Minos is a Class M planet in the Minos System, deep within the Lorenze Cluster.  Along with nine other planets it


circles a Type F2V star.

The planet is one of the galaxy's great unsolved mysteries.  Once it was a trhiving, multibillion populated, technologically advacned world known as the "arsenal of freedom" due its cutting edge weapons technology trade.  Then one day its people were gone, but its weapons still remained.

Its captial was Koson.  The jungle has mostly reclaimed what was once the home of ten million Minosians.

Lamaso, a town located on a high desert plateau, hosted the primary weapons develoment laboratories. 

The USS Drake visited Minos in late 2364, whereit was destroyed by an autmoated weapon system known as Echo Papa 607.  The USS Enterprise-D arrived at the planet while investigating the Drake's dissappearance the same year. (TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom")

In 2371 the USS Lionheart transported a team of weapons experts and scinetists to the planet in fear of the Arsenal of Freedom or the Doomsday Device falling into hands other than the UFP's.  ("Return To The Arsenal")

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