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Nikolas Stone prepares to attend Starfleet Staff College on Earth, but first, he must find assignments for those under his command and turn the 101st's headquarters over to the Bajoran Space Guard.

Meridian Janos travels to his childhood family, the first time since a Changeling a slaughtered his family in retaliation for him killing a Founder.

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Nikolas Stone * Christoffer Williams * Peter Madison * Sask * Susanne Flame * Seff O'Rourke * Meridian Janos * T'rok Gensing * Thomas Capone * Jobe * Kolp * David Mitchell * Thomas Capone * Thomas Reighchopps * Alynna Nechayev * Esperanza Piniero * William Dampier

Starships and Vehicles[]

USS Lonestar * USS Matsue * USS Jagermeister * USS Crockett * USS Corsali * USS Lionheart (mentioned only) * USS Gorkon


Earth * Prophet's Landing * Breen Confederation * Bajor * Cestus III * Starfleet Staff College *

Races and Cultures[]

Humans * Vulcans * Vulcan/Human hybrids * Gorn * Bajorans

States and Organizations[]

Bajoran Space Guard * Bajoran Militia * Starfleet Command

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Breen Border * Gorn Border * Rear Admiral * Lieutenant