Naussicaa , a planet in the Beta Quadrant's Naussicaan System, is the third of five planets orbiting the star Suranaa and is the homeworld of the Naussicaan species.

"Might makes right" was the planet's unofficial slogan.

The planet's was classified as Level Six , though many portions did not have acess to much technology.

The planet has a single moon, Eizan, which hosts a large military base housing the Nausscian Fleet.

Smugglers, Ferengi and the Orion Syndicate are known to operate from the planet.

Priot to the Tomed Incident Naussica was a client state of the Romulan Star Empire.

By the 24th century the planet was an ecological nightmare.  Acid storms, limited potable water, strip mining and deforestation were rampant.  Naussicans were forced to either live in pressure domes over their cities or underground.

Most native creatures were extinct due to the environmental issues, though toxic slugs, behemothes and ripperworms had survived into the late 24th century.

Mount Kyroa was the source of the famed Naussican Fire Crystals.

In 2371 the United Federation of Planets sent a humanitarian mission to the planet, led by Envoy Razzoti.  The Lionheart, Berlin and Pasteur were part of the mission.  The Berlin's commander, Captain Tyler Grant, was the senior Starfleet Officer on the mission.  He used his ship's phasers to turn several large bodies of water into steam, which purified 17 percent of the planet's water sources.  ("Meltdown")

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