Keith David as Nekrot

Nekrot was a Klingon warrior serving the Klingon Empire and member of House of Huraga during the 24th century.

He was born in 2316 on the colony of T'Dakka V.

His father, Huraga, commanded several starships during his fifty-two career with the Klingon Defense Force

His father was away for most of Nekrot's childhood, leaving his martial education was handled by his maternal grandfather, a former Bekk.

In 2337 he married Sayba'a, of House Kint'ata. The pair had two sons, four daughters and a granddaughter by 2374.

Klingon Defense Force Edit

Like many of his ancestors, he joined the KDF as an officer.

His first posting was the IKS Kut'luch, an aging D-6 battlecruiser.

At some point, he and a then-junior officer named Martok would serve together, and pledge their lives as sword brothers.  Their Houses would become strong allies as a result and decades later would shape the Klingon Empire, beginning with the Dominion War.

His House stayed neutral during the Klingon Civil War in 2368, supporting neither Gowron or Duras.

He rose through the ranks and by 2373 held the rank of Colonel and commanded the IKS Arizel.

After attaining flag rank his personal security detail was led by Leader Ja'tr.

Dominion War Edit

He was taken captive, along with eighty-two members of his crew, by the Dominion on stardate 50###.4. He was imprisoned along with Fleet Captain Gedna Tachion and Lieutenant Commander Seff O'Rourke. ("Familiar Faces")

While imprisoned, his eldest son Huth'Ik took over as head of the House and assumed his place on the Klingon High Council.

After being rescued by the crews of the USS Starquest and USS Lonestar, he was placed in command of the IKS S'Epoh and an eleven ship squadron, which included the IKS Cu'Duz.  All eighty-two of his former crew volunteered to serve aboard his new command.

As Chancellor Gowron felt his popularity slipping to Martok, as well as holding a grudge from his lack of support in 2368, did his best to keep Nekrot away from his rival and friend.

Later Career Edit

In 2378 he and Martok were smuggled onto Ty'Gokor for a wedding turned peace negotiation.  The results saw the return of House Gowron to the Klingon High Council, Nekrot taking command of the IKS Negh'var, and the blockade of the fortress planetoid lifted.  ("Wedding Dk'taghs")

By 2380 he was a Brigadier and had reclaimed the S'Epoh as his flagship. Also that year he was commanding an eight-ship task force in the Kel'J'na region.

O'Rourke, having resigned his Starfleet commission came aboard, killed the senior pilot in a duel, and declared himself a member of the crew. This caused constant problems for Nekrot, and he tried to pawn him off on Captain Jack McCall of the USS Chamberlain, to no avail.

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