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The New London Fleet Yards are a shipyard facility located in orbit of BeTau IV in the BeTau Sector. The shipyard reported to the nearby Starbase 315. The facility was in geosynchronous orbit over the New London Colony on the planet, and a small spaceport was on the edge of the Yards, allowing civilian workers easy access to the colony.

Six large-scale construction docks, ten smaller ones and a nine dry-docks capable of handling an Ambassador class heavy cruiser are on hand, as well as many smaller repair and construction facilities. The Talon and Iwo Jima classes were developed at the shipyard in the 2370s.

In2365 Captain Thomas Riley took over as Captain of Engineering.

By 2371 Captain Strev was the Captain of Engineering.  Also that year the USS Lionheart and USS Hoplite were launched from the facility.  Two Miranda class light cruisers were being refit as well.

Prior to 2378 largest vessel ever constructed at the yard was a Nebula class heavy cruiser, when construction of the Falcon class strike cruiser began.

Ships at the Yards[]

USS Lionheart * USS Hoplite * USS Hargrave* USS Cochrane* USS Talon *USS Iwo Jima * USS Falcon