The Niagara class was a type of cruiser, technically a fast cruiser, serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

Fear of more Romulan hostilities drove its rushed design, its engineers took advantage of the Istanbul fast cruisers and early work on the Galaxy's design, as well as adapting the Ambassador's engineering hull to support its three nacelles and hold more cargo than its peer vessels.

The class is a favorite of Federation diplomats due to their speed and luxurious accomodations.

The prototype was commisioned in 2349.

Thirty-three decks held 585 crew members and another 120 passengers.  A total of 7,350 beings could be brought aboard in an emergency, though its ten person 

The ships were able to maintain warp 9.6 for 16 hours with tpe 6C6 nacelles and class 6/K warp engine.

Six type IX phaser arrays as well as a forward and aft torpedo launchers fed from a 100 torpedo magazine made up its armaments.

Six shuttlecraft and three shuttlepods as well as a Captain's Yacht made up its auxillary craft.

Deck ChartEdit

Deck 1 - Main Bridge

Deck 3 - Phaser Range, Armory, Brig, Security Officers, Forensic Lab

Deck 5 - Gymnasium

Deck 6 - Captain's Quarters, VIP Quarters

Deck 7 - Auxillary Control, Executive Officer's Quarters

Deck 8 - Stellar Cartography

Deck 27 - Main Engineering

Known VesselsEdit

USS Detian

USS Farifax

USS Joshua Tree

USS Niagara

USS Princeton

USS Raleigh

USS Thims

USS T'Pavis

USS Wells

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