292px-Nog, 2375

Aron Eisenberg as Nog

Nog was a Ferengi serving in Starfleet in the 24th century.

Nog had quite a storied history with Starfleet, in and out of uniform, before being assigned to the second USS Defiant as its Chief Engineer in 2376.

When Commodore Nikolas Stone assumed command of Deep Space Nine, Nog was serving triple duty as the station's OPSO and SECO, as well as the Defiant's CHENG.

When the USS Hathaway entered the Bajoran System in order to be turned over to the Bajoran Space Guard, he was the senior Starfleet officer in Ops.  Upon learning that Colonel Kira had not prepositioned runabouts to retrieve the vessel's Starfleet crew, he ordered Nog to launch the runabouts at combat speed as well as have security remove all non-Starfleet personnel from secure areas of the station.  He performed as ordered, though he hesitated and asked for confirmation of the orders.

Later, Stone admitted to him that if he had not hesitated to act against his shipmates it would have spoken volumes about his character.  He was then told to get his ass off the station and aboard the Defiant since he was now the escort's chief engineer.  ("Gatekeeper")

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