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The Norway class destroyer was a Starfleet light cruiser design

The prototype vessel was launched in 2369, the third of the Perimeter Defense Directive vessels, along with the Akira, Saber and Steamrunner classes.  And as the order that created the class and its siblings, it mainly saw patrol and defense duties.

Ten decks housed a normal crew of 190, though most ships its size required 400 - 600 to man it effectively.   Extensive automation kept the number down, whihc enabled to Starfleet Command to field two for each of its predecessors.  There was additional space for 65 passengers, and 500 at max capacity.

Bio-neural computer networks, an EMH, redundant backup systems, a fully functional auxillary control room, a backup navigational computer, holocommuncations as well as advanced sensor systems, mainly tactical, were installed.

Following the Dominion War Starfleet planned several upgrades, including ablative armor, pulse phaser cannons and more torpedo launchers, especially quantum ones.

Warp 9.7 could be maintained for 12 hours, though the ships normally cruised at six thaks to its class 11/Q warp engine and type 6D7 nacelles.

Six type X phaser arrays, as well a pair of high yield photon torpedo launchers both fore and aft, each capable of four torpedo spread made up their armaments.

In addition to normally carrying four shuttlecraft and a pair of shuttlepods, it also boasted a Captain's Yacht.

Known Vessels[]

USS Beowulf (NCC-66027)

USS Eowyn (NCC-66215)

USS Loki (NCC-66541)

USS Odin (NCC-66840)

USS Rigante (NCC-66098)

USS Warhammer (NCC-65156)

USS Norway

USS Budapest

USS Prague

USS Denmark

USS Luxembourg

USS Belgium 

USS Arian