OMS Kamerian

OMS Kamerian

The OMS Kamerian was an Orion freighter engaged in smuggling activities during the 24th century.

She normally carried a crew of 24.

She was armed with a pair of Cardassian surplus Ebshar class spiral wave disrupters.

By the 2370s she was commanded by Mulio Smug.

In 2371, while carrying a cargo of medical supplies and the Tal Shiar agent Rokan to Psellus III, she suffered a photonic induction unit failure, resulting in a plasma fire that damged her propulsion systems.  With radiation levels rising aboard the freighter and ship's engineer Mooj Taha unconcious and severely burnt, Smug was forced to issue a distress call.  Unforutnately for them it was answered by the USS Lionheart.

Upon arrival an away team led by Commander Kiva beamed aboard.  The crew and medical supplies were beamed aboard the Lionheart, while Roger Deict led a repair team aboard the freighter its crew was given hyroalin injections  ("Aiding & Abetting")

Afterwards she was placed under the command of Nikolas Stone to be turned over to Federation law enforcement.

Crew Members (2371)Edit

Mulio Smug - Captain

Habra Kutch - First Mate

Zinn Ijiko - Ship's Physician

Mooj Taha - Ship's Engineer

Jorka Pell - Junior Engineer

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