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Oberth class

The Oberth class was a type of Starfleet science vessel serving in the 23rd and 24th centuries.  

In addition to traditional science missions, they performed deep space explorations, personnel transports, supply runs and scouting missions in hostile areas.

The prototype began space trials in 2250.

Internal Arrangement[]

Deck 1 - Bridge

Deck 7 - Crew Quarters

NCC-59318 was the last construction number originally authorized by Starfleet, but a limited run of 7 more was later authorized. 

In 2369 upgrades to the probe launcher began, allowing it to fire the micro-photon torpedoes developed for Danube class runabouts.

Multiple subclasses had been designed.

  • Gangarin class - designed for intensive planetary surveys and modified to hold a third shuttle, though it was poorly armed.
  • Sagan class - capable of holding four shuttles as well as configurable mission specific modules
  • At least eight were modified during the Dominion War as medical vessels
  • One type was modified to run with a crew of five and used as a supply vessel

Many classes were said to be its successor, such as the Korolev and Nova, Oberth's were still in Starfleet as of 2409, making it the continually longest serving class at 159 years.

Known Vessels[]

USS Oberth

USS van Braun

USS Trosper

USS Yung Sheg

USS Tinian

USS Barracuda


USS Kybher

USS Lagrange

USS Gato

USS Manatee

USS Martynov

USS Moray

USS Sandhusky

USS Sun Yat Sen

USS Sybil

USS Hargrave 

USS Cochrane

USS Copernicus

USS Grissom 

USS Vico

USS Pegasus

USS Yosemite

USS Helin

USS Raman

USS Springfield

USS Biko

USS Khartoum

USS Jacequai

USS Intrepid

USS Stingray

USS Bonestall

USS Chaffee

USS Armstrong

USS Yosemite

USS Tsiolkovsky