Operation Slingshot was a Starfleet plan proposed in 2370 using a soliton wave to propel seven starships deep into the Beta Quadrant in order to set up a planetary colony on Camris and a joint Starfleet/United Federation Marine Corps base in which to explore space leading back to the United Federation of Planets' border.

The project was canceled in late 2373 due to the Dominion War.

The USS Iroquois was slated for the mission prior to its cancellation.

In 2377 it was given new life, and in February of 2378 eight starships left.

In addition to their crews, the ships would carry a composite Marine battalion of 1200, 29 members of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Ambassador Woodford and 1,093 colonists.

Two months after arriving the Truman began the long journey back to Federation space, exploring as it went.

While exploration, defense, and construction of the colony's facilities were the main goals, several other missions were to be accomplished.  Among them, an Argus Array Mark IV facility, drydock, and dilithium mine were to be constructed.

Prominent Members of the ProjectEdit

Ambassador Carl Woodford - UFP Diplomatic representative

Admiral George Foster - commander of Starfleet forces

Fleet Captain Brigidia Mossa - commander of the USS Cabot, the flagship of the task force

Colonel Trevor Carlson - commander of the 5th United Federation Marine Frontier Battalion.

Captain Kiva - commander of the USS Starquest

Captain Lindsey Pierce - commander of the USS Pushataha

Commander Kanjel Sucec - commander of Camris Central, colony's orbital space station

Starfleet ShipsEdit

USS Cabot

USS Starquest

USS Mandela

USS Truman

USS Edinburgh

USS Pushataha

USS Plymouth

USS Foxhound


USS Suzuya

USS Dreketi

USS Parana

USS Nhat Le

BY 2381 ten additional ships joined the mission along with 8865 colonists, 1500 Marines, and 500 Starfleet personnel.

USS Swale

USS Nassau

USS Mysone


USS Kirpan

USS Choctaw

USS Paladin

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