Owen Paris was a Starfleet Officer serving in the 24th century.
PDVD 198

Richard Herd as Owen Paris

He came from a long line of Starfleet officers on both sides of his family.

In 2357 he led the year long Arias Expedition, a science mission along the Cardassian border that covnered for intelligence reconassaince activites. The USS Al-Batani served as his flagship during the mission.

Afer contact was estabilished with USS Voyager in 2374, he created and oversaw Project Pathfinder, a communications program to continue contact with the far flung vessel as it returned home.

In 2378 he was the first to hail the retruned ​Voyager ​as it emerged from a Borg transwarp tunnel in the Sol System.


In 2263 his paternal grandmother Patricia held the rank of Commodore and commanded Starbase Yorktown.

His son Tom.

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