Lance Reddick as Paghal

Paghal was a Klingon warrior serving in the Klingon Defense Force during the 24th century.

He was born in 2318 on Beta Lankal.

He spent much of his early career in the Ka'Vala Sector.

He entered the upper ranks of the Klingon Defense Force during the Klingon Civil War when he brought eighteen ships to Gowron's side.

In 2373 he was made commander of the 141st Task Force, a unit of the Sixth Fleet made up of thirty-seven Klingon vessels and twenty-three Starfleet ships pulled from the Second Fleet.  The battleship Q'lim served as his flagship, however, he used a the IKS Dalt'oV, a heavily modified Neg'lorn courier, to move about the task force.

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