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Colin Cunningham as Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis was a Human United Federation Marine Corps Officer and later Maquis patriot/terrorist during the 24th century.

Born August 20, 2336.

United Federation Marine Corps[]

After graduating college in 2338 he was accepted to the United Federation Marine Corps Officer Candidate School on Mars, graduating ten weeks later 3rd in his class as a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant.  After The Basic School, he joined the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit as a Rifle Platoon Leader.

In 2368, with the rank of Major, he took the position of Intelligence Officer of the 5th Marine Regiment on Rudgur III.

Curtis trapped on Solosos III

While on a fact-finding mission two years later on Solosos III Cardassian dissidents detonated a bomb, collapsing the building he was in.

He was rescued five days later by the crew of the Liberator, a Maquis raider commanded by former Starfleet officer Cal Hudson, who convinced him to continue his mission, this time from the point of view of those fighting instead of a scripted tour by the same people who gave the colonies away.

Three weeks later he'd seen enough and was ready to return to the Federation with a real report.  The Liberator 's computer specialist, Quiring, hacked a Starfleet database and revealed Curtis was listed as killed in an accidental explosion.  The report went on to say no remains were found due inceration in the explosion.  Infuriated he turned to Hudson and asked to join his crew.  The ship commander shook his head, saying Curtis had few skills to lend to starship combat.  Instead, he wanted him to form his own cell, specializing in infantry tactics, something the Starfleet Officers who had joined lacked.

Maquisard Cell[]

With a former Starfleet Security Guard named Pun, Curtis aided Hudson's crew in retrieving abandoned Cardassian sensor equipment on Valo VI from the Occupation.

After responding to a mass shooting by two Cardassians at the University of Hakton, a medical student and chemistry professor joined the cell.  Later child actress turned holosuite conglomerate Coleen Monroe allowed them to use her chain of holosuites for training and R&R.

They regularly worked with other Maquis cells and sympathizers as they had no ships of their own.