Anne Ramsey as Pedara

Pedara was a female Ferengi smuggler.

She believed herself to be born in 2320, but her father never bothered to tell her or her two sisters, all born within 4 years of each other, who was eldest.

Her father owned and operated a refueling station in orbit of Ferenginar, allowing her to be one of the few females not restricted to the planet's surface.  Her father wasn't going to pay for her to live in an apartment when he had a space station that needed labor.

Leprechaun's LadyEdit

In 2340 she was put up for collateral by her father in a game of tongoEgan Murdock, a part-time smuggler and cargo ship captain, won her and fifteen strips of latinum, as well as a full refueling for his ship, the Leprechaun's Lady.  Murdock put his jacket on her and took the frightened Ferengi aboard his ship. 

She quickly proved her worth by keeping the ship's finances and cargo manifests correctly.  He made her the ship's quartermaster, happy to get rid of some of his paperwork.

Shortly thereafter her father lost the station and moved back to the surface.  She sent him a slip of latinum.

When Seff O'Rourke came aboard in 2362, she was placed in charge of him.  After a few days, she went to Murdock, telling him he was wasting the boy's talents.

She was still aboard the Leprechaun's Lady in 2377.

LUG Trek StatsEdit

Athletics  1

Running  3

Bargain  2

Haggling  5

Culture  2

Ferengi  3
Keltic  3

Energy Weapon  1

Disrupter  3

Fast Talk  3

Gaming  2

Poker  3
Tongo  4

History  1

Ferengi  2


Accounting  4


Ferengi  2
Federation Standard  2
Keltic  3

Merchant  2

Black Market  4

Personal Equipment  1

Universal Translator  3

Planetary Survival  1

Urban  3

Security  2

Lockpicking  4

Shipboard Systems  1

Flight Control  2
Transporter  4

Streetwise  2

Locate Contraband  5
Orion Syndicate  3
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