Potho sh'Vah'rich was Andorian serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

She was married, to Ethon ch'Oqesrig, Riviar th'Viak and Ovelli th'Sholrin, and the group had two children.

She spent her cadet cruise aboard the USS Bull Run.

By the outbreak of the Dominion War, she held the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was the USS Veliko's Executive Officer.

At the end of the war, she was promoted to Commander and assigned to Bajor as Starfleet's Liason with the Bajoran Space Guard.  She and her family transferred to Bajor aboard the USS Hathaway.

In November of 2377, Nikolas Stone promoted her to Captain and she assumed command of the newly commissioned USS Oglala. ("Oglala")

She settled her mates and two children on New Bajor before departing on a five-month exploration of the Denkiri Arm.

LUG Trek Stats (2377)Edit

Command 3

Administration 4
Starship 5

Culture 2

Andorian 4
Bajoran 3

Energy Weapon 2

Phaser 4
Phaser Rifle 3

First Aid 1

Combat/Wound Trauma 3


Andorian 3
Bajoran 2
Federation Standard 2
Vulcan 1

Primitive Weaponry 1

Chaka 2
Hrisal 2

Ships Systems 3

Command 5
Flight Control 4
Tactical 5

World Knowledge 1

Andor 3
Bajor 2
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