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Prophet's Landing was the closest Bajoran colony to the Cardassian Union.

In 2374, after Operation Return, the 101st Tactical Wing was headquartered here under Commodore Nikolas Stone. The USS Innsbruck, USS Saipan, USS Lionheart, USS Musketeer arrived to establish the facility, though the latter was towed by the Innsbruck.

A small Bajoran Militia garrison was stationed on the planet at that time, under the command of Colonel Welin Falc. The defenses were meager, mainly a few impulse fighter craft and orbital sensor platforms.

The Saipan offloaded four fighters, a Talon class scout and many prefabricated buildings.

The Camelot, with a damaged warp core, became an orbital space station.

Minefields were set up leading to the planet, and safe lanes in were patrolled by fighters and smaller craft.