Elisha Cuthbert as Ramonoa Lukin

Ramona Lukin was a Human physician serving in Starfleet during the late 24th century.

A beautiful woman with light blond hair and bright green eyes, she was known for her skill and compassion, as well as a fiery temper.  When patients did not take her medical advice seriously, her sharp tongue would be used.

Beginning her career as a physician with the Rigellian System Patrol, she first met Ann Portikos,  then commander of the USS Anduril during a joint mission with Starfleet.

After the Battle of Po Ucan IV , she asked her friend to come aboard as the USS Discovery's Chief Medical Officer and managed to get her a provisional rank of Lieutenant.

She was given a full commission and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander at the start of the Dominion War.

LUG Trek StatsEdit


Athletics 2

Climbing 4
Raquetball 3

Bargain 1

Haggling 2

Computer 1

Research 2

Culture 1

Human 2
Vulcan 2

Dodge 1

Energy Weapons 1

Phaser 2

First Aid 2

Human 5


Federation Standard 3
Vulcan 1

Law 1

Starfleet Regulations 2

Life Science 1

Biology 3

Medical Science 4

Pahtology 5
Surgery 5

Personal Equipment 2

Medical Tricorder 5

Planetside Survival 1

Mountain 2

Search 2

Shipboard Systems 2

Medical 4

Starship Tactics 1

Ferengi 2
Pirate 2

Vehicle Operations 1

Shuttlecraft 2

World Knowledge 1

Rigel IV 2


Bold +1

Department Head (Medical) +3

Promotion (Lieutenant Commander) +3

Resolute +1

Sexy +2

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