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Neve Campbell as Rebecca Gallagher

Rebecca Gallagher was a Starfleet Officer in the 24th century.

Born in Ontario, Canada in on October 3, 2335, to a high school drama teacher and a psychologist/yoga instructor.

She had three brothers.

Enrolling in Starfleet Academy in 2353, she graduated after four years 17th in the class overall, and third in Engineering.

Her first posting was the USS Ashanti in the Structural Integrity Division.

Steamrunner class, profile view

USS Nagaski

Two days before being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2358 she was hastily transferred to the USS Nagasaki to replace the frigate's seriously injured SID Division Officer after a firefight with two Cardassian destroyers.  The transfer took place via s near warp transporter operation.  The transport haunted her into the 2370s.
212px-USS Musashi NCC-71809

USS Camelot

By 2368 she was a Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Camelot as Assistant Chief Engineer.

By 2374 she was a Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer of the USS Camelot.

Dominion WarEdit

Galaxy class deflector shield

USS Camelot's stardrive

During Operation Return the Camelot's saucer section took heavy damage and Gallagher was forced to eject it, sacrificing everyone aboard it to save the stardrive and keep the ship in the fight. She took command from the battle bridge and destroyed to Jem'Hadar fighters.

She would serve as acting CO after the ship was towed into orbit of Prophet's Landing and oversee repairs until Fleet Captain Gedna Tachion assumed command.  She was made XO as well as Chief Engineer.

Post-Dominion WarEdit

By 2379 she was a full Commander.

When the Camelot put into Utopia Planitia, she oversaw the ship's upgrades, including a saucer section.  ("New Hat")

She would later command the cruiser Kolno.

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