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Renaissance class light cruiser

The Renaissance class was a type of light cruiser serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

The light cruisers were built using the latest technology of the 2320s, alongside the Ambassador class heavy cruisers. Three forward and two aft photon torpedoes, along with its six type VIII phaser arrays, made up its impressive offensive capabilities.

Warp 9.2 could be maintained for sixteen hours due to a class 7/M arp engine and 5C2 nacelles.  A pair of class 5 impulse engines let it reach .9c impulse speed.

415 Starfleet personnel crewed the ships, with room 70 passengers.  In an emergency, 5,250 beings could be crammed aboard, though they could flee via its 140 escape pods.

They normally carried seven shuttles and four shuttlepods.

ASRV Lifeboat

In 2337 the last vessel of the class built was the USS Hokkaido​, and the first starship to have ASRV lifeboats installed.

In the 2360's several of them were on deep space exploration missions, and others were assigned to the patrol duty along the Klingon-Federation border.

LCARS Display

By 2370 class-wide upgrades were completed, including the latest LCARS display screens

Graceful class medical frigates were essentially altered Renaissance frames.

Intrepid class

The Intrepid class was a direct successor of the Renaissances.

In 2377 several of the older vessels were scheduled to be retired, but losses form the Dominion War pushed their service life into the 25th century.

Known Vessel​s []

USS Renaissance

USS Redoutable

USS Hakkaido

USS Fascenelli

USS Maryland

USS Hornet

USS Aries

USS Sakawa


USS Perth

USS Corsali

USS Musketeer

USS Corsair

USS Schiavona