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Helena Bonham Carter as Renee Boyce

Renee Maria Boyce was a Starfleet Medical Officer serving in the 24th century among various postings such as the USS Vigilant, Starfleet Command, Sol and the USS Lionheart.

Early Life[]

Boyce was born to a pair of physicians in Connecticut.

She went to college at Yale and attended medical school at John Hopkins.

Afterward, she joined the Federation Red Cross.

During the Federation-Tzenkethi War Boyce was working at a hospital that came under siege from Tzenkethi forces.  She stayed behind with patients who were unable to be evacuated.  A Starfleet force from the USS Ambassador led by Gedna Tachion rescued the patients and Boyce.

Impressed with her rescuers, she decided to apply to Starfleet.

Two months later Boyce was accepted into Starfleet OCS.

Starfleet Officer[]

In 2359 Boyce graduated from Starfleet Officer Candidate School with the rank of Lieutenant and managed to get assigned to the USS Ambassador as a staff physician.

When Tachion took command of the USS Vigilant in 2361 he requested her as his Chief Medical Officer.  After the loss of the vessel, she took an assignment at Starfleet Earth Command as a Medical Advisor.

By 2370 she held the rank of Commander.  When Tachion received command of the USS Lionheart and requested her assignment again.

USS Lionheart[]

Coming aboard the Lionheart, she beam part of Tachion's inner circle once again, just like on the Vigilant.

When a trio of scientific teams came aboard the ship to test cloaking detection systems, Satchio Nakamura was assigned to the extra bunk in her quarters, much to her displeasure.  ("Blinded by Science")

In December of 2371, she left the Lionheart to lead a Starfleet medical team to treat an outbreak of Phyrox Plague on the Romulan colony of Tigelis VII.