Reynaldo Delgado-Harris was a Human Starfleet Officer serving during the 24th century.

He was born on Earth into the prestigious and renowned Harris and Delgado families in 2337.

As newly minted Ensign he joined the Operations staff of the USS Tecumseh, and by 2360 he had been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade andAssistant Communications Officer.

He became dissatisfied with starship duty and considered resigning his commission. Family connections led him to Starfleet Intelligence, but to his dismay, he ended up as an analyst.  He was eventually promoted to Lieutenant but still chained to a desk.  He managed to break into field ops in 2367.

In late 2371 he was part of a black ops team led by Captain Gedna Tachion attempting to rescue Vulcan scientist Sarok from Romulus.

HIs great uncle was Cedric Harris, who commanded the starships Antiope and Lonestar.

LUG Trek Stats[edit | edit source]

Contacts +2 (Starfleet)

Contacts +2 (Family Business)

Language Ability +3

Security Clearance +4

Sexy +2

Wealthy +4


Covert Communications 4

Energy Weapon 3

Disrupter 3
Phaser 4


Andorian 2
Federation Standard 4
Klingonese 2
Orion 3
Romulan 2

Primitive Weaponry 2

Knife 3

Shipboard Systems 2

Command 4
Communications 4
Mission Operations 3

Unarmed Combat 2

Starfleet Martial Arts 4

Vehicle Operations 2

Shuttlecraft 4

World Knowledge 2

Earth 3
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