.Rixx was a 24th century Bolian Starfleet Command Officer.

He commanded served aboard many vessels during his career, commanding the Thomas Paine and Beowulf.

Rixx was in command of the USS Thomas Paine starting in 2358 and considered among Starfleet's finest Captains.

Shortly thereafter he attended the Altarian Conference along with Jean Luc Picard.

He sponsored Seff O'Rourke's enlistment in Starfleet.

Dominion WarEdit

By 2373 Rixx was the CO of the USS Beowulf and led the Sixth Fleet's reserve wing.

When the101st Tactical Wing's command staff was restructured after Operation Return, he was the leading candidate to command newly promoted Commodore Nikolas Stone's flagship.  When Gedna Tachion was discovered to be alive he was passed over for the promotion, instead taking commanding the tactical wing's rebuilt destroyer wing.

He considered retiring after the war but chose to remain to remain until he felt the Fleet was more stable.

In 2380 he was promoted to Rear Admiral.

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