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.Rixx was a 24th century Bolian Starfleet Command Officer serving during the 24th century.

He commanded served aboard many vessels during his career, commanding the Thomas Paine and Beowulf, and was considered among Starfleet's finest Captains, particularly noted for his handling of first contacts. During the later years of his career, he turned down several promotions in order to stay in the center seat of a starship. When he was finally joined the Admiralty he retired.

USS Thomas Paine

Rixx assumed command of the frigate USS Thomas Paine in 2358. Shortly thereafter he attended the Altarian Conference along with Jean Luc Picard.

He would later meet Picard again in 2364, at a Dytalix-B, along with Captains Tryla Scott of the USS Renegade and Walker Keel of the Hortatio.

He and the Thomas Paine were part of a joint Starfleet-Vulcan operation to combat Orion Syndicate arms smuggling operations to the Vulcan Isolation Movement in 2365 under the command of Robert Leyton. During this time he sponsored Seff O'Rourke's enlistment in Starfleet.

The Thomas Paine was one of six starships suspected of being part of Admiral Leyton's conspiracy, due to its previous service as part of a task he commanded in 2365.  ("Space Jacking Prefix")

In 2373 the Thomas Paine put into the Antares Fleet Yards for two years of refits and upgrades. Turning down a promotion to Rear Admiral, Rixx instead took command of the USS Beowulf, a Norway class destroyer at the yards that had recently been upgraded with ablative armor and quantum torpedoes.

Dominion War[]

Prior to hostilities breaking out, Rixx and the Beowulf were assigned to lead the Sixth Fleet's reserve wing.

When the 101st Tactical Wing's command staff was restructured after Operation Return, he was the leading candidate to lead the tactical wing. He turned it down, instead staying with the Beowulf and leading the tactical wing's destroyer wing. ("Familiar Faces")

He considered retiring after the war but chose to remain to remain until he felt the Fleet was more stable.

In 2380 he was given the choice to accept promotion to Rear Admiral or retired. He chose the latter option, and a few months later released a book on first contact situations. Later that year he would appeared as a panel member on a news show discussing an upcoming diplomatic meeting the President of the United Federation of Planets would be taking.