Rizzoti was Hemanite woman living in the 24th century.

She spent the majority of her life as a diplomat in the State Department of the United Federation of Planets.

In 2371 she was sent to Naussica as an official envoy during a Starfleet humanitarian mission to the planet.  ("Meltdown")

While there she managed to secure permission for a consulate and a medical clinic.

In 2376 she was made the Federation's Ambassador to Bajor.  She and Commodore Nikolas Stone were immediately at odds due to her sending a request through Colonel Kira instead of his chain of command.  He had her arrested on charges of conspiring to disrupt Starfleet operations with a member of a foreign military.  The charges were dropped shortly afterward.  ("Gatekeeper")

In November of 2377, she was present for the commissioning in of the USS Oglala in orbit of Bajor.  ("Oglala")

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