Robert Skinner was a Starfleet Fleet Admiral who commanded the Sixth Fleet along the former Demilitarized Zone during the Dominion War. Being a militaristic officer in a primarily exploration oriented organization, he related to the officers exploring Earth during the Age of Sail.

Born in 2298 on Earth, he enrolled at Starfleet Academy in 2316 and was commissioned as Security Officer after four years. His first posting was aboard the USS Monroe. After the Battle of Wolf 359, he wrote a glaring report on the inefficiency of, not just Earth's defenses but the Federation as a whole.

When it was ignored by Starfleet Command, he leaked it to the public and granted many interviews on the subject.  he quickly found himself with a promotion to Fleet Admiral and assigned to the Typhon Sector as Sector Commander, coincidentally far away from the public eye. 

The Dominion WarEdit

During the Dominion War, his flagship was the USS Valdemar.  ("Declaration") After losses incurred during Operation Return, he promoted Nikolas Stone to Commodore and placed him in command of the 101st Tactical Wing, passing over many more experienced officers, stating he needed them in the field, not tied to a desk.

Later CareerEdit

After the Dominion War, he returned to Deep Space Five as Commander of the Typhon Sector. By 2390 he had retired.

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