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A Saber class vessel at warp speed

The Saber class was a type of escort that began serving in Starfleet during the mid 24th century

At 172.7 meters long, its eight decks could hold 200 humanoids in an emergency, though normally only 40 crew members were aboard, occasionally augmented by fifteen passengers or mission specialists.

Able to maintain warp 9.7 for 12 hours, the vessels were able to keep pace with the majority of Starfleet's ships.  Its class 6 impulse engines propelled it at .9c, keeping the vessel highly maneuverable during combat.

They were among the fastest and most nimble vessels Starfleet had ever produced.

The ships boasted two Class Beta uprated computer cores, one in the saucer and the second in Main Engineering.

Armaments included four type X phaser emitters, as well as forward and aft torpedo launchers with a normal magazine of 100 photon torpedoes.

Five shuttlecraft and two shuttlepods made up its typical auxiliary craft complement.

Quick construction time, heavy weapons and small crews with massive capabilities allowing the vessel to perform as a light cruiser led to the vessels quickly becoming a favorite of Starfleet Command and mass production began, resulting in the class having the third-largest number of vessels built, following the Excelsiors and Mirandas respectively.

The majority of the ships built by 2373 fought in the Dominion War, and while many were lost, those that survived provided invaluable data for post-war upgrades and in-class modifications for vessels yet to be built.  Ablative armor, pulse phaser cannons, and quantum torpedo launchers are at the top of the list.

In 2376 several Sabers were modified for mission-specific roles.  The USS da Vinci was one such vessel and housed a team from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

The Rapier and Ushaan class escorts were heavily based on the Saber design.

Known Vessels[]

USS Saber * USS da Vinci * USS Rapier * USS Katar * USS Khopesh * USS Bayonet * USS Katzbalja * USS Naegling * USS Mameluke * USS Wakizashi * USS Yeager