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Ciarán Hinds as Salok

Salok was a Vulcan who served in Starfleet for over 40 years in the 24th century, eventually rising to the rank of Fleet Admiral and commander of the Fifth Fleet.

Compared to most Vulcans he was considered innovative, insightful, aggresive and tenacious.  While his Logic was said to be as advanced as his more pacifist bretheren, he had mastered many arcane Vulcan psionic disciplines, and was said to prefer a more forceful and decisive actions than observation and waiting.

Given those qualities, he was well suited to command and quickly moved up the ranks after graduating Starfleet Academy.

In late 2370 he was promoted to commander of the Fifth Fleet, and would lead it through the Dominion War.

By 2376 he was the highest ranking Vulcans in Starfleet and was a vocal voice in arguing for the increased militarization of Starfleet forces.

LUG Trek Stats[]

Administration  5

Starship  6

Athletics  2

Lifting  3

Command  5

Starship  6

Computer  2

Research  3

Culture  2

Vulcan  3

Dodge  2

Energy Weapon  3

Phaser  4

History  2

Federation  3
Vulcan  3


Federation Standard  1
Vulcan  2

Law  5

Starfleet  6

Mind Meld  4

Personal Equipment  1

Tricorder  2

Planetary Sciences  2

Geology  3

Planetary Survival  1

Desert  2

Plat-Vok  3

Rha-Tel-Pan  2

Shipboard Systems  3

Sensors  4

Starship Tactics  4

Cardassian  5
Dominion  5
Starfleet  5

Strategic Operations  4

Dominion  5
Vulcanis System  5

Unarmed Combat  3

Kareel-ifa  4
Nerve Pinch  4

Vehicle Operations  1

Shuttlecraft  2

World Knowledge  2

Vulcan  3


Commendation +3 (UFP Medal of Valor) * Curious +1 *Eidetic Memory +3 *Instant Calculator +1 *Promotion +20 (Fleet Admiral)


Code of Honor -4 (Starfleet) * Code of Honor -3 (Vulcan) * Hides Emotions -2