USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in spacedock

San Fransisco Fleet Yards

The San Francisco Fleet Yards were a Starfleet shipyard located in San Francisco on Earth.

Its facilities consisted of several drydocks and an orbital office complex, as well as ground-based construction facilities.

The first fourteen Constitution class vessels were constructed there, though the Intrepid and Eagle were sent to be heavily modified for their single species crews' requirements.

USS Ahwahnee

USS Ahwahnee adrift after Wolf 359

The USS Ahwhanee was repaired here after The Battle of Wolf 359.  She was almost written off for scrap, but with the heavy losses inflicted she was brought back to operational status with state of the art upgrades which became standard for the rest of the Cheyenne class.

USS Enterprise-E in drydock 2

Sovereign class vessel under construction

Sean Hawk served at the shipyard prior to the launch of the USS Enterprise-E.

The vessel would be towed back to the yard by the USS Hemingway for repairs after its battle with Shinzon. In 2381 the prototype of the Stargazer class was launched.

Vessels ConstructedEdit

USS Enterprise * USS Franklin * USS Excelsior * USS Sutherland * USS Stargazer * USS Enterprise-E * USS Constitution * USS Stargazer-A

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