Brenda Strong as Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts was an enlisted Security Guard in Starfleet.

She was born on the Federation colony of Bardex III in 2329.

She had a normal upbringing on a small fmaily farm that relied on irrigation canals from a nearby river.

Starfleet Career

In 2368 she served as a marksmanship instructor at Starfleet Academy.

By 2370 she held the rank of Chief Petty Officer and was serving in the USS Yeagar's Security Department.

She transferred to the USS Lionheart to serves as Internal Tactical Operations Officer in 2371.

USS Lionheart

One of her first assignments upon reporting to Gedna Tachion, before the escort was launched, was to take every crew member and have them qualify with both type II and type III phasers, starting with himself.  This did not go over well with some. During the Battle of Psellus Roberts was on standby in the Lionheart's transporter room with a heavily armed away team.  She led the team in securing the Psellian Council Chambers when the ship reached orbit of Psellus III.

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