Type-18 Shuttlepod

The USS Sarkhova was a type-18 shuttlepod assigned to the USS Lionheart upon the ship's launch in 2371.

She was used by Ensign Kara Evans and Lieutenant Junior Grade Meridian Janos to disable a Harelian mining freighter that was fleeing Balin IV with Tal Shiar agents aboard. ("Shakedown Cruise")

She was piloted Chief T'rook to transport an engineering team around the Tarellian System for buoy maintenance the same year. ("Homecoming")

During shore leave on Vulcan in 2372, Nikolas, Spencer Stone, and Susanne Flame used the shuttlepod to travel to their family's estate.  The Vulcan law enforcement agency  V'kar was not pleased with the type IV phasers on the shuttlepod.  ("Ponn Farr")

Later that year Spencer Stone used the shuttlepod to travel to the Andor VII Observatory.   ("Andorian Christmas")

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