Sarok was a Vulcan scientist living in the 24th century.

He attended the Vulcan Science Academy alongside Spencer Stone.

After graudation, he used resources from the VSA to build a sensor system to detect cloaked vessels, overseen by Director T'Pan.  In 2371 he went aboard the USS Lionheart to test his system along with two others.  It was his first time off world.

It was proven to be a success, but he was captured by Romulans and taken to their homeworld.  ("Blinded by Science")

The Romulan government claimed he was a defector and had turned over classified technology to the Federation.

Gedna Tachion would lead a covert team into Romulan space to rescue him, and their efforts would go a long way towards defusing the Psellus Situation.  ("Armistice Parts I & II")

Upon his return to Vulcan, he aided in upgrading sensor systems throughout the Vulcan Sector.  They would prove invaluable during the Dominion War.

LUG Trek Stats (2371)Edit

Administration 2

Vulcan Bureaucracy 4

Computer 5

Research 5

Culture 2

Vulcan 5

History 1

Federation 2
Vulcan 2


Federation Standard 2
Vulcan 2

Mind Meld 3

Personal Equipment 2

Tricorder 2

Physical Science 4

Mathematics 5
Particle Physics 6

Shipboard Systems 2

Sensors 3

Space Science 2

Thermodynamics 4
Astrophysics 3

Systems Engineering 1

Sensors 2

Unarmed Combat 2

Nerve Pinch 4

World Knowledge 1

Vulcan 2

Curious +1

Mathematical Ability +3

Arrogant  -1

Code of Honor (Vulcan) -3

Hides Emotions -2

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