First Season EpisodesEdit

  • New Orders
  • Shakedown Cruise - Starfleet Academy Instructor Commander Gedna Tachion helps to restart the Defiant class project and heads to the New London Fleet Yards to oversee construction of the USS Lionheart, NCC-74207.
  • Party-Crashers - The Lionheart heads out to complete her space trials, but some unexpected guests arrive.
  • Pall Bearers - In the aftermath of the Maquis hijacking, Tachion must take a corpse to its father, leaving Commander Kiva to find replacement crew members.
  • Homecoming - While performing routine maintenance on sensor buoys in the Tarellian System, the Lionheart crew is shocked when one of their vessels returns, claiming to be cured! While the crew is skeptical, the inhabitants of the neighboring system decide to eradicate them.
  • Aiding & Abetting - While transporting Fleet Admiral Edward Proudfoot Sr to Starbase 39-Sierra before beginning a Neutral Zone patrol, the Lionheart receives an SOS from an Orion Merchant vessel.
  • Marie Celestial - While patrolling the Neutral Zone the Lionheart detects a ship drifting across the Neutral Zone. Upon closer investigation, it turns out to be a Romulan Warbird w/ a deceased crew!
  • Prodigal Son - The Lionheart transports Ambassador Cal West to the Keltic Federation, a long lost Human interstellar power that borders the Romulan Star Empire in theBeta Quadrant.
  • Blinded by Science - The USS Lionheart serves as a testbed for three sensor systems designed to detect cloaked Romulan vessels.
  • Shattered Mirror - Kiva takes a runabout to test Lieutenant Nakamura's sensor system on the black hole Collapsar 49. The scan reacts w/ the black hole and catapults the craft int the Mirror Universe.
  • Meltdown - The Lionheart travels to Naussica on a humanitarian aid mission.
  • Minutemen - With recent Romulan activities on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone the colonists of Haler IV have taken a cue from the Maquis, arming vessels and preparing for war. The Lionheart is sent to convince them to disarm and reassure them that Starfleet will protect them.
  • Armistice Part 1
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