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The Second of Battle of Vulcanis was a battle fought between the Federation Alliance and The Dominion in the Vulcanis System on stardate 51793.3 in 2374.

The Dominion, eager to make further inroads into core Federation territory, struck at Vulcan, deciding Andoria was too well defended and Tellar to far from its supply lines. 

The Vorta Eris commanded Dominion forces, mainly Jem'Hadar Battlecruisers backed by Cardassian Galor class vessels, from Warship 96, and Gibraltar served as Fleet AdmiralSalok flagship. 

Starfleet was given advanced warning of the coming attack when the Blackthorne engaged and destroyed a battlecruiser in the Styx Rift.  The light cruiser raced back to friendly lines ahead of the incoming assault force.

Federation forces managed to stop the Dominion fleet at Kal-Ap-Ton, the fifth planet of the Vulcan System and stalled them by battling among the planet's 12 moons.  The destroyer Gorgophone used its tractor beam three separate times to drag smaller enemy vessels into the planet's strong gravitational effect where they could not break free.

Elements of the 1st Andorian Pursuit Group joined the battle three hours after it was joined.

Susanne Flame, serving aboard the Pompey during the battle, went into premature labor and gave birth to Damion O'Rourke at the same moment the cruiser destroyed a Jem'Hadar frigate.

The Dominion forces retreated six light years, and Federation forces did not pursue.  They had lost 38 ships and close to 37,000 personnel, yet still claimed it as a victory.  Among the vessels lost were the Indar, Halstatt, and Midway.

The Red Cloud saved over 250 personnel during Search and Rescue operations.

During the battle, eight Cardassian ships raided Alpha Centauri.

The Dominion forces would regroup for the third assault on stardate 51893.2.


Jacob Stone * Spencer Stone * T'nela * Salok * Christoffer Williams * Susanne Flame * Damion O'Rourke

Ships Involved[]

USS Pompey

USS Halstatt

USS Indar

USS Kludy

USS Gibraltar

USS Midway

USS San Marino

USS Red Cloud

USS Cuirassier

USS Gorgophone

USS Mattis

USS Blackthorne

USS Zulu

USS Jackelope

USS Chivalry

USS Thunderbolt

Escort Carrier 77

Battlecruiser 222

Battlecruiser 122

Battlecruiser 204

Warship 96