The Second Fleet was a fleet of Starfleet ships normally assigned to the Federation/Klingon border.

In the 22nd and 23rd centuries, through the mid 24th assignment to this fleet was considered extremely hazardous.  After 2344 the Klingon border had quieted, except for the period of hostilitues in 2372 and 2373.

In 2368 23 ships of the fleet, under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard, used a tachyon detection grid to blockade the Klingon/Romulan border in order to keep suspected Romulan supply ships from supporting the House of Duras' faction during the Klingon Civil War.

During the Dominion War the majority of the Second Fleet was reassigned to the Bajoran Sector for the war, leaving 19% of its vessels along the border.  Twenty-three vessels were reassigned to 141st Task Force.

By early 2374 the fleet was reduced to a third of its size.

For Operation Return it was teamed with elements of the Fifth Fleet and Sixth Fleet and vessels from throughout the Bajoran Sector to retake the Bajoran System.  Afterwards, the fleet fell back past the Kotanka System.  ("Operation Return")

After Dominion forces took the Betazed System, the fleet made three unsucessful attempts to free the system.

After the war it returned to the Klingon border, but only at 28% of its original strength.

Starbases 24, 74, 105, 117, 123, 152, 157, 212, 343, Deep Space Station K-7, Relay Stations 47, 194, as well as the MZ-5, Delta and Epsilon Outposts were used as support facilities for the fleet.

Vessels Serving in the Second FleetEdit

USS Aries

USS Nez Perse

USS Ajax

USS Cooshee

USS Jupp

USS Curry

USS Defiant

USS Charleston

USS Goddard

USS Kitana

USS Trieste

USS Sherman

USS Thomas Paine

USS Centaur

USS Cortez

USS Galaxy

USS Hood

USS Magellan

USS Majestic

USS Sarek

USS Sitak

USS Venture

USS Elkins

USS Frederickson

USS Raging Queen

USS Excalibur

USS Sutherland

USS Interpid

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